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Design Your Own Hoodie (Fabric Options #3)

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It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to design your own harness hoodie for your bunny! Just like our other snuggly hoodies these are made with comfort in mind and are fully adjustable for the perfect fit everytime!
Step 1: Choose the fabric print/color for the bodice of the hoodie
Step 2: Choose the fabric print/color for the hood and pocket of the hoodie
Step 3: Sit back and relax while we make your very own custom designed hoodie!
**Default size is Small (bunny)**
Neck (Adjustable) - 10.5” to 14”
Waist (Adjustable) - 12” to 16”
Collar to Hem - 7.5”
Recommended Pairings:
Feathers with Tiffany Blue, Pink or all Feathers
Pink Mermaid with Tiffany Blue, Pink, White or all Pink Mermaid
Ice Cream with Pink, White, Cream or all Ice Cream
Antique with Pink, White or all Antique
Fairy Dust with Pink, White or all Fairy Dust
Care Bear with Pink, White or all Care Bear
Panda Donuts with Black, White, Pink, Grey or all Panda Donuts
Purple Mermaid with Purple or all Purple Mermaid
Fiesta Stripe with Purple, White or all Fiesta Stripe
Powdered Grey with Grey, White, or all Powdered Grey
Harry Potter with Black or all Harry Potter
Turtles with Cream, Pink, Aquarius Blue or all Turtles
Hearts with White, Grey, Red or all Hearts
Purple Plaid with White or all Purple Plaid
On The Farm with Denim or all On The Farm
Happy Clouds with Clearwater, White or all Happy Clouds
Grey/Black Plaid with Grey, Black or all Grey/Black Plaid
Pink Roses with Black, White or all Pink Roses
Mickey and Minnie with Black, White or all Mickey and Minnie